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RROD Xbox 360 Spied at Wal-Mart

Posted on June 11th, 2008 |

Poor thing, just sitting there all alone, ignored by the Wal-Mart staff. Can someone please call Microsoft and get this lonely fella a new heart?

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Xbox 360 Arcade Games Delay

Posted on January 27th, 2008 |

The 2007 fall update for the Xbox 360 has brought some nice fixes and features yet there is still one thing that drives me crazy. I’ve got a large list of arcade titles on my console and actually play them frequently. Yet when trying to access the game I want to play I’m forced to sit through a large delay as it populates the list of games I’ve downloaded. The dashboard acts as if it’s searching either the hard drive or Live to populate this list each time it’s accessed. I don’t understand why Microsoft doesn’t just keep this information in a simple database or even a flat file on the hard drive for instant access to the list of games. Microsoft, thank you for adding native Divx and Xvid support, but can you please add some more performance tweaks to the dashboard? With the specs of this machine there is no excuse for delays in any of the dashboard screens.

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