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Picasa Will Not Export Videos

Posted on September 13th, 2009 |

I’ve been putting up with an annoying problem in Picasa on my main system for too long and finally decided to try and fix it. The system would play fine but when trying to export videos Picasa would just hang at 0.0% on the encoding/saving process. I was quite certain this was tied to the TVersity Codec Pack yet uninstalling TVersity and it’s pack didn’t solve the problem.

Time to turn to the trusty CCCP. I installed The Combined Community Codec Pack using all the defaults for the install and the configuration afterwards. Fired up Picasa, tried an export and it immediately started working.

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Microsoft Releases Service Pack 2 Preview for Windows Vista and Server 2008

Posted on December 12th, 2008 |

UPDATE: SP2 is out

UPDATE: The evaluation period for Service Pack 2 has ended. Microsoft has a new page dedicated to SP2 which will be updated with download links to the update when it is officially released here.

If you’re a poor sap stuck on Windows Vista and would like first hand experience with the changes coming in Service Pack 2 it’s now available for public download.  Microsoft has an open public preview available for the shared platform SP2 for Vista and Server 2008 and offer a few download options.

You can get it through Windows Update here:

Standalone downloads are also available.

ISO for Server 2008 x86/x64/ia64:

Self extracting EXEs:

x86 for Vista and Server 2008:

x64 for Vista and Server 2008:

IA64 for Server 2008:

Microsoft warns that with these preview releases you may see “Evaluation Copy” on your desktop and at boot but this does not mean that your copy of Windows is no longer valid.  You must also be running SP1 before installing this update.

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Startup Script Batch File for Outlook Error "Can’t Create file: Right-click the folder….."

Posted on October 22nd, 2008 |

Here is a very simple batch file that can be added to the network logon script in Active directory or simply in your startup folder in windows if you or your end users frequently run into this error:

@echo off
ECHO Deleting Outlook 2003 temporary files
cd %userprofile%/local settings/temporary internet files/olk*
if errorlevel 1 goto end
del *.* /s /f /q

Batch file available here. (right-click, save as)

This batch file will simply navigate to the current user’s temporary Outlook folder and delete all the files in the root and sub-folders. Just be careful you don’t miss the %userprofile% variable, otherwise that command will delete all the files that happen to be in the current folder which is probably just the root of the user profile.

Original post found here.

Update 1/6/2009:  Big thanks to Mark suggesting some error handling to make sure you don’t accidentally wipe the current directory if the change directory command doesn’t take place.  I’ve updated the code snippet and example batch file with his suggestions.

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Outlook Error – Out of memory or system resources.

Posted on August 5th, 2008 |

Today I came across a new error in Outlook 2003. I had a search result set pulled up in my inbox of 700+ items and then tried to move one folder into another. I was prompted with the following error: Can’t move the items. Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again.

Here is another vague Outlook message but at least with this one most people would try closing Outlook and opening it again and the move will then work. Or you can simply close your search results in Outlook and perform the move without error.

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0x80070643 Error in Windows Update for Outlook 2003

Posted on August 1st, 2008 |

Do you have some Office related updates from Windows Update that just won’t install? Check your system log and see if it’s error 0x80070643.

This cryptic message is Window’s way of telling you it needs the installation source media. This happens if you choose to remove the installation temp files at the end of the Office 2003 installer. Just put the CD or DVD in your drive and run the updates again. They will now properly apply and you can get rid of that annoying yellow update notification in your task bar.

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Email and SMS Error Notifications from an AS/400

Posted on March 28th, 2008 |

I wanted to be more proactive when a job on our System i crashed so I started looking into options to send an email notification and SMS text message if something needed attention. After searching for a bit I came across a program on that was very close to what I wanted. This is an RPGLE program that uses the QUSLJOB API to list any job that is in *MSGW status and then send an email with the details of the job’s error using SNDDST. I made a few modifications to the code after trying it to better fit my needs. The program only had the capability to send to one email address yet I wanted to send it to an email distribution list on our Exchange server as well as send a text message to my phone for after hours support. The program also sent EVERY job in *MSGW, including any printer alignment messages. With my very basic knowledge of RPG I was able to add multiple email address variables and exclude any job that runs in the QSPL subsystem from being included.

Once the program ran to my liking I wrote a simple CL program that would call the program every 5 min and added the CL as an auto start job entry to our ITDEPT subsystem. I’ve had this configuration running for the past 6 months and it’s a great way to stay on top of any jobs that may be holding up QBATCH. Critical system jobs are usually fixed before end users even know something was broken.

Download the code here. The two variables for email are ’emailaddress’ and ’emailaddress1′. Simply change the variables to the email addresses you would like the messages sent to and compile.

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Fixing Google Browser Sync issues in Firefox

Posted on February 25th, 2008 |

I’ve been a user of Google’s Browser Sync utility for almost two years. It works seamlessly in the background making sure my cookies and bookmarks are all exactly the same on each of the three computers I frequently use. A few weeks ago I ran into an issue where one of the machines had duplicate bookmark items. I was worried about what would happen if I tried deleting these items from the one machine they were duplicated on. Finally a week ago I decided it was time to clean up these dupes. I exported the current bookmarks and spent an hour deleting duplicates and re-arranging items. The next morning when I switched computers I see that Google had removed all the folders that I was cleaning up from the first computer. This machine didn’t have the duplicate problem so it actually deleted valid bookmarks, then proceeded to replicate back to my other two computers. I lost about half of my bookmarks because of this. I tried to import the backup I had and clean things again yet it only made the problem worse. It was time for drastic measures.

I exported the bookmarks from each of my machines and even found a few old backups I had. This can be done from the Bookmarks Manager, File, Export. I had a total of 5 bookmark.html files. Now I proceeded to delete every bookmark on my laptop through Bookmarks Manager and forcing a Full Refresh from the Browser Sync settings.

I then did the same to the other two machines I had browser sync running on. It took a good few minutes for each of the browsers to fully sync. Now closing the browser on the other two machines I returned to the laptop and imported each of the 5 bookmark backup files and spent another hour cleaning them up. Once I had the bookmarks to my liking I immediately backed them up yet again before forcing another full sync. This sync took about 7-10 minutes to update. Once the update was done I forced full syncs on the other two computers and everything looked normal. It’s been a full day now and so far so good.

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