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RROD Xbox 360 Spied at Wal-Mart

Posted on June 11th, 2008 |

Poor thing, just sitting there all alone, ignored by the Wal-Mart staff. Can someone please call Microsoft and get this lonely fella a new heart?

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Exchange Extension 80004005 Error on Child Domain

Posted on April 10th, 2008 |

When trying to edit user profiles on an Active Directory child domain the action would cause the Users and Computers MMC interface to hang before displaying the following Exchange Extension error: “The operation failed. ID no: 80004005 Microsoft Active Directory – Exchange Extension”. Clicking OK then opens the profile without the Exchange tabs.

This is caused by the way the Exchange snap-in looks for the DC of the child domain. Instead of using the FQDN it’s trying to resolve the host name. For example if your parent domain is and the child domain is with a Domain Controller of make sure you can resolve DC1 without the domain suffix. If you are using WINS then add it to your WINS server, if you are straight DNS then add a HOSTS entry on your local machine resolving to the IP of the child domain DC.

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