Untangible.com first came to life back in December of 2000. It started off as a typical turn of the century website. Lots of annoying animated gif images, marquees, and heavy use of the blink tag. Over the years it’s hosted a guestbook that had maybe 5 comments, a forum site dedicated to making fun of “rice rockets” (this may come back), and has become a site for image hosting, a blog, and some funny videos I’ve come across over the years.

The blog currently has two writers sharing photography advice, computer problem solutions, and any other general information we feel like sharing.

Blog Contributors

Eric Pell is Director of Information Systems for a national transportation company. He has over 10 years of experience in the IT field with knowledge in satellite communications, Microsoft Windows server operating systems, IBM System i, Enterprise VoIP, and TCP/IP networking. Eric is married and has two children.

Ken Frost is an 11 year machinist and a lifelong photographer. You can find examples of his work in Ford F-150 fuel injectors, and at www.lotusphotographic.com. He loves long walks on the beach, his fiance’ Karrn and her little boy too.