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Get 2.5GB of Free Online Storage with Mozy

Posted on October 30th, 2008 |

Mozy is an online backup company owned by EMC. I’ve been giving their software a spin for around a month now and have found it to work quite well. They have clients for Windows, Mac, and I think there was one for Linux too. They offer free accounts that allow for 2GB of storage but using my referral link you can get 2.5GB of storage. Yes, I too get an additional 512MB of storage space if someone signs up and uses it but that’s just win-win.

Click here to signup.

The software can be setup to backup all your documents, pictures, and videos or you can selectively choose the folders you want backed up. If you find you run out of room with the 2.5GB the service is only $5 per month if you want an unlimited storage account. That’s right, unlimited backup space for only $60 per year.

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Startup Script Batch File for Outlook Error "Can’t Create file: Right-click the folder….."

Posted on October 22nd, 2008 |

Here is a very simple batch file that can be added to the network logon script in Active directory or simply in your startup folder in windows if you or your end users frequently run into this error:

@echo off
ECHO Deleting Outlook 2003 temporary files
cd %userprofile%/local settings/temporary internet files/olk*
if errorlevel 1 goto end
del *.* /s /f /q

Batch file available here. (right-click, save as)

This batch file will simply navigate to the current user’s temporary Outlook folder and delete all the files in the root and sub-folders. Just be careful you don’t miss the %userprofile% variable, otherwise that command will delete all the files that happen to be in the current folder which is probably just the root of the user profile.

Original post found here.

Update 1/6/2009:  Big thanks to Mark suggesting some error handling to make sure you don’t accidentally wipe the current directory if the change directory command doesn’t take place.  I’ve updated the code snippet and example batch file with his suggestions.

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Free iTunes card with the purchase of a Zune?

Posted on October 6th, 2008 |

I found this in a Meijer ad. I don’t think anyone informed their marketing team that your DRM encoded iTunes songs won’t play in your new Microsoft Zune. Thanks for the offer but 1600 Microsoft Points would have been a much better fit.

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