It’s September 2. Google Chrome launch day. There’s electricity in the air. Everyone’s hitting that refresh button on as fast as possible. The install goes smooth. No annoying reboot needed. Fire her up. Hit up Waiting… Waiting… Resolving Host… Why am I still waiting? This is supposed to be the fastest browser out there. What’s going on?

Well, it took me a week before I finally sat down to troubleshoot why Chrome ran horribly on my work machine while it ran fine on the laptop and home machine. Seeing Chrome run on co-workers machines told me this was a problem related to networking on the machine and not just the Group Policy environment at work. After triple checking proxy settings, disabling my second network card, disabling Internet Connection Sharing, changing the adapter connection order and protocol binding order. Still nothing. Still awful performance.  I even installed Chromium to see if their nightly builds had a fix. As a last ditch idea I decided to take my second network card out of my system. Even though it was not plugged in and disabled. Fired the computer back up and Google Chrome is browsing at full speed.

If you’re running into the same issue of horrible performance and have a multi-homed (multiple network cards) computer then remove your second network adapter. If your motherboard has dual NICs online then disable the second one in BIOS.

I’ve reported my findings to Google so hopefully¬†they can find the bug and squash it in an upcoming update