Upon rolling into work this morning I found it difficult to shake the grogginess and decided I needed a sugary, caffeinated boost. The green nectar was calling to me. I popped the top and began consuming my high fructose corn syrup goodness. Once I began to wake I decided to enter the code for the Old School or New promotion from Pepsi. I’ve entered a few codes now and each resulted in the inevitable Try Again logo. I’ve been eying that 2009 Corvette and decided to apply my newly acquired points towards the mighty Detroit iron. Then it happened. My heart started to flutter. The typical animation was gone. It showed a real woman standing, staring at me. She had a half smirk on her face while reaching towards me, slowly opening her hand. The excitement was building…. I won! I had to have won. Why else would it look different. She slowly opened her hand one finger at a time. It felt like an eternity. I could see what looked like a key fob in her hand with the famous Corvette flags. My heart was racing in disbelief at this time. Finally her hand was open revealing my prize:

That’s right. “Try Again”. They replaced the animation with a new graphic solely to pick me up and then smash my face into the concrete at a rate of 32ft/s2. After that the day was chaos. Thanks guys….