Do you have a mid-nineties Honda Civic where the ignition key locking mechanism gets stuck and you can no longer remove the key? So did I until deciding to tear it apart and see what’s going on. Here’s how I fixed mine:

First remove the plastic shroud surrounding the steering column. There are a few screws on the bottom and then it just snaps together at the seams. This will reveal the steering column and ignition key system.

Directly beneath the key cylinder is a white plastic cover held in place by two screws. Remove this piece.

Beneath the cover is a metal and white plastic box that has a metal rod coming out the end. If you move the key you’ll see that this rod is held in place by small clip. If you pull down slightly on the box you can remove this metal rod. Removing this will now allow the key be removed again.

I’ve been driving the car for almost a week after doing this and haven’t run into any problems yet. More than likely this was put in place so you cannot remove the key while the car is in gear but I really don’t see this being a problem unless you leave the car in neutral and then take it out. If you don’t make sure your car is in park then you may find your car in the middle of the street or in a neighbor’s yard so pay attention! If anyone has any questions or can’t make out the blurry camera phone pictures just let me know. Good luck!